of staff time is saved
with Phelix


Reduction in booking calls
with Phelix


Patient errors
with Phelix

Cut costs and errors

Smart Fax Automation

Phelix's machine vision and NLP automatically captures patient demographics, physician details, and disease or medication lists from incoming referrals, reports, or lab tests - while converting unstructured text into fully structured and machine readable data sets.

Reduce calls and faxes

Phone & SMS Assistant

Phelix automates patient facing voice calls or SMS messages while interfacing with an EMR or calendar in real-time. By managing the entire booking queue, Phelix immediately reduces the number of phone calls staff must make by over 50%.

Eliminate redundancies

Flexible EMR Integrations

Using the latest integration standards, including API's, HL7, FHIR, and RPA - Phelix can perform most repetitive, back office, scheduled or event driven workflow tasks - including redundant data entry, filling forms, filing documents, billing, prior authorizations and more.

Phelix powers your workflow to new heights. Get in touch to learn more!

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